The honey that my bees produce is available at Talgarth Mill Crafts shop and also from me at my home at Pentwyn, Tredustan.

I will have six frame nucs on BS frames available soon at £175 a nuc. These have locally open air mated queens, Buckfast, British Black Bee and local hybrid. All nucs overwintered with 2021 white marked queens. Gentle yet prolific in the right environment. I give support with setting up.

Email or message me 07944722999

If you would like to buy some honey email me:, call/text me 07944722999 message me on instagram @breconshirebeekeeping

My current honey prices: 1lb jar £7.00, 1/2lb jar £4.50 and 1/4lb jar £3.00. Beeswax lipbalm 10ml tin £4.50

I have a holiday let called the ‘Little Barn‘ available on Airbnb. 

My YouTube channel Various videos; bees, beekeeping, employability and others

The life of the mountain in 1000 photos

A mixture of farmland, woodland, waterways and common-land provides a decent cross section of fauna for insects to forage and pollinate. Honey is nature’s sweetness, mainly simple sugars but also pollen and over 180 trace elements all collected from the trees, crops and flowers that grow in the area through early Spring to late Autumn. How good it is for us should not be underestimated. Of course only time will tell how good it is. Why wouldn’t I want to keep bees?

‘How do the bees create a new queen?’ He asked.

‘Any worker egg or young larva can become a queen. The bees choose one or some depending on their predicament, and then they feed it on copious amounts of royal jelly’. I replied.

‘Its very easy when you know how?’ He said.

Life is easy when it’s in harmony with the environment. The basic understanding of the creation of a queen is there for us all to see. With such a simple origin there are many factors that influence the development of the queen and can result in such wide ranging quality. Little doubt then that most who keep bees do indeed leave this to nature and are left to wonder why….


If you don’t know where you are going any road will take you there. Lewis Carroll

From the mountains to the sea once a day a honey bee you might see. (Doubtful though that she is the white queen…)

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