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The life of the Mountain in 1000 photos

August 21st 2017. This video shows the bees are very excited as the temperature has risen into the early 20’s C for the first time in 10 days. They seem to know that there will be forage for them; the plants have also been waiting for this rise in temperature and will surely be waiting for them with nectar and pollen.

Three videos, two of bees on a nectar flow for Heather and then Ivy followed by a insects feeding on Ivy (August and October 2016)

The following three videos show a swarm in a tree, followed by the bees being shaken out in front of their new hive, then the queen making a run for the hive entrance (May 26th 2015)

These videos are of a swarm that eventually returned to the hive after I had the fortune to capture the queen. (May 3rd 2015)

Happy Bees

A honeybee collecting pollen

These two videos show me taking a colony out of an inappropriate place. The colony were in a small space below the window of a kitchen in an old hut (July 2014)

This shows a home made oxalic acid vaporizer

More happy bees (Listen to your bees….)

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