Listen to your bees

Every evening particularly in the Spring and Summer I take a look around the apiary to see what the bees are doing.

It is good to check that the bees are taking in pollen and the type of pollen can help determine which flowers they are working.

I look for any changes any differences between hives, are there drone bees about, are there fewer bees going to one hive than previously. Changes in the pattern of the bees can imply that changes have happened or might be about to happen in the hive.

Swarming mainly takes place in Spring and early summer, but bees will swarm throughout the active season

I have made up some perspex cover boards to put on top of each hive so that I can have a look at the bees without opening them up to gain an indication of how much space there might be in the hive and whether the hive needs more space.

I also listen to the bees to determine what might be happening in the hive. I recorded two different hive sounds the first is the bees bringing nectar into the hive, the nectar flow, the second was recorded at about 9.00pm at night and is the sound of the bees evaporating water from the nectar to make honey

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